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The airport was built in 1931 on land that was originally known as Dolley’s Farm,  when a Louis Strange prepared a landing strip. In 1936 the Air Ministry requisitioned  it for an airfield and development took place until it was completed during 1937. During the Second World War some 6000 pilots were trained at the airfield where maintenance and repair also took place.

At the end of hostilities Universal Flying Services operated the facility, and in 1967 Douglas Arnold purchased the site from the Ministry of Defence at a Public Auction for £152,000. Alan Mann Helicopters began operating at Fairoaks in 1968 and Mr Mann was involved for many years, having acquired the airfield in 1972 until selling up in 2007 with the site eventually moving to the present owners.

Fairoaks Operations Ltd currently hold the CAA authority to operate as an Ordinary Licensed Aerodrome, and the other pages on this web site will  enable you to access data useful to your interest in the airfield.

Please use the search facility in the top right hand corner of this home page to obtain the following pages: Consultative Committee. Customs. Police Special Branch. Flight Plans. Pilots Overview. Landing Fees.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or corrections regarding airport operations, please contact:

The Director of Aerodrome Operations for  Fairoaks Operations Ltd at: info@fairoaksairport.co.uk.

The commercial estate ,comprising most of the buildings at the airport and part of the open space, is owned by TEREF ADP Fairoaks Ltd.

Please contact Wadham & Isherwood regarding any management or letting issues on the estate: www.wadhamandisherwood.co.uk